Musée International de la Marionnette - Théâtre du Peruchet

- Avenue de la Forêt 50 1050 Bruxelles.
- Tél. : 02/673.87.30

The museum can only be visited upon appointment. Once the door of the museum passed, you might think you just entered Ali-Baba’s cave with thousands glitters and treasures in the shape of wonderful or fantastic characters. Contrary to what anyone can think, nothing resembles more a puppet than another puppet! Several thousands of dolls from all possible origins, with a large part from the Asian continent, are permanently exposed.

The oldest puppet is from India and is about 150 years old. Main access: please park in the street. Access via the paved inner yard of the small farm. Entrance through the main door (quite narrow, measures only 75cm) or eventually through the double winged door allowing a direct access in the theatre and avoid so to pass in the entrance hall where circulation space is scarce. The minimum passage width is 75 cm. Visit: the door of this room measures 78cm wide; easy circulation limited to one person in a wheelchair and one valid person at a time.

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