Museum of Musical Instruments

- Rue Montagne de la Cour 2
- 1000 Brussels
- Tel. : 02/545.01.53
- Fax : 02/545.01.77
- E-mail :
- web: []

- Openinghours :
From Tuesday till Friday : 9.30 AM till 4.45 PM
Saturday and Sunday : 10 AM – 4.45 PM

- Closed every Monday; 1 of January, 1 of Mai, 1 and 11th of November and 25th of December
- Ticketssale ends 45 minutes before the closing of the doors.
- The restaurant is open only when the museum is.

Situé dans les anciens magasins Old England, fabuleux joyaux de l’Art Nouveau, le musée des instruments de musique offre près de 3000 m² de surface d’exposition où les visiteurs pourront apprécier une impressionnante collection d’instruments, leur histoire, leur facture et leur fonctionnement. Les jeudis soirs, d’octobre à mai, une animation musicale est proposée dans la salle de concert. La cafétéria du 6e étage offre une vue magnifique sur Bruxelles.

Main entrance:
- the entrance for the PRM is at the main entrance

- sliding door at floor-level, the door is 0.95 cm.

- the museum is accessible, there are no steps, the doors are 0.95 cm. All floors, the theatre,... are accessible with the elevator.
- the descriptions of the exhibitions are at reasonable height and easy to read for persons in a wheelchair.
- In the museum, the library is accessible though not open, just ask the staff for permission.
- The shop is accessible; the entrance is 2 m, inside it is rather difficult to move.

- there’s an adapted toilet at the mezzanine floor , the door is 0.90 cm.

The Restaurant:
- is accessible and the tables are suited for PRM’s. The passage when you leave the elevator is very small. The door that is the most accessible is the one leading to the terrace but you need to take 3 steps to go there.

- Thematic animations are organised for mentally handicapped persons, the hard of hearing, the visually impaired.

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